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Ultimate Athlete Contest December 14th 2013 Scottsdale, AZ
Dec 14th 2013
Competition is your ability to perform Specific Movement Actions that test a Humans Pure Potential in Fitness, Stamina, Speed, Strength, Power, Balance, Agility, Grace.
The contest is scored based off of each category computed into a formula that takes into account age and strength, Power, Speed, Agility, flexibility, height, weight, and some other factors to even the playing field. Depending on your score and how well you did based of each of the categories your score will be totaled up and you can see what rank you scored on each event and how well you did based of all the events combined if you are the top athlete then you be awarded as Arizona’s Ultimate Athlete.
Cost: $59.97 Register Today to save.
Prizes: 1st male and female adult athlete and 1st boy and girl youth athlete win a brand tablets. T-shirts,
Win the bragging rights to be rated as the #1 ultimate athlete in Arizona.
Ultimate Athlete Winner Boys and Men: Carter Cymbalski and Chris White
Ultimate Athlete Contest Winner Kylie Salvino

Kylie Salvino Ultimate Athlete Contest Winner Girls Division.

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